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Pumpkin Bread with Chocolate Chips. Plated and ready to be served.

Pumpkin Bread with Chocolate Chips. Plated and ready to be served.

A month ago, on Martin Luther King Day, the Dessert Corps was launched. Starting a few days later with homemade brownies, the weekly meal at the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen now includes scrumptious homemade desserts prepared in kitchens around the neighborhood. Dozens of volunteers from the community have baked brownies, pies, bars, and other treats in their homes, donating them to the weekly meal. For the last 5 weeks, the diners have really enjoyed feasting on these treats and have been gushing with complements for the chefs.

We can’t stop raving either. The treats flowing in each week have been scrumptiously divine. Our project volunteers seriously rock that whole baking thing.  Check out the pics from our Apple Pie night from the Jan 28th meal on the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen Facebook page

In addition to our fundraising brunches and events, Craig’s Kitchen will continue to organize the weekly sweet spot of the soup kitchen meal.  And we can always use more volunteers in this project. If you feel like baking (even just once in a 6 month stint), it will really help us fulfill our commitment to providing yummy homemade desserts for everyone.

How it works: For every week, there is a specific dessert theme. You can always check out the plan for the upcoming few weeks on the main Dessert Corps blog page.  At the bottom of the page, there is a list of dates, dessert themes, and # of volunteers needed (in order to fulfill the weekly goal of 10 volunteers providing a dessert that serves 10).  When you determine that you can plug into a week, email craigskitchen [at] gmail [dot] com with the date(s) you are baking.  The weekend prior to your committed dessert week, you will receive an email with several recipe suggestions (just in case you don’t already have a fave). There are several drop off locations, days, and times; Tuesday evenings in Williamsburg or Greenpoint, Wednesday days in Greenpoint (exact addresses provided in the email), and at the soup kitchen church after 4pm.  It helps if the desserts arrive by around 6pmish because typically, dessert starts getting served around 6:20-6:30pm. Some volunteers have been baking weekly, some monthly, and some plan to plug in whenever their schedule and budget permits. Its pretty mellow and casual and we hope you will join us in the fun.

Feb 4. Lemon Bars waiting to get plated.

Feb 4. Lemon Bars waiting to get plated.

On Feb 4,  Lemon Bars was the theme. The donations were tart, creamy, and divine. The diners were ecstatic over the sunshiny treat on that frigid Winter day. Tasted like Spring was on the way.

Pumpkin Bread. Dessert Corps.

Feb 11. was Pumpkin “Bread” with Chocolate Chips. Seasonal and sweet, one of the best flavor profiles around.  It was a new treat for many of the diners, but now surely at the top of the list of favorites.

My oh my! Chocolate Pie!

Feb 18 was (Oh yeah!) Chocolate Pie week.

Yummy Whipped Chocolate Pie

Both versions were enthusiastically enjoyed. Part of the fun of this project is seeing how many ways a dessert can be made.

3 (frozen) apple pies make a reapperance

We had some Apple Pies and an Apple Crisp in the freezer (from a week when we had many pies but very few clients due to a special “holiday” meal for Polish homeless people sponsored by a local pro-life group that was coincidentally scheduled for the same time as the soup kitchen meal.) We busted them out to supplement the chocolate pies (We were a little short on volunteers this week). One of the goals in the soup kitchen is to not waste any food. Sometimes, due to random circumstances like unplanned donations or a small group of diners due to severe weather, we have leftovers. The soup kitchen has several freezers which allows us to put stuff away for future use.

Apple Crisp-a-licious

Apple Crisp-a-licious

The apple pies and crisp were defrosted and heated up and served alongside the Chocolate Pies.

Portioning the Pies

Portioning the Pies

Once the meal is being served, the kitchen crew gets an approximate count of the diners and then starts to plate the desserts.

Apple slice ready to be served. Chocolate Pie waiting to be sliced.

Apple slice ready to be served. Chocolate Pie waiting to be sliced.

Apple Pie on its way out to the dining room.

Coming soon to the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen. Pear Pie.

Coming soon to the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen. Pear Crumble.

Next week. Feb 25, we are inviting volunteers to get crazy with Pears. We are looking for 10 pear desserts, be it Pear Pie, Pear Crisp, Pear Cobbler, or Pear Cake. That’s right, its gonna be pears, pears, pears, pears pears this week; at “press time” we still need 8 more volunteers.

The March calendar of  desserts will be:

Feel free to hit us up with ideas and suggestions for dessert themes.


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